We Are Online Video Specialists. 
We Make Video  Marketing As Easy As It Gets.
made easy
Connect to your customers and build your brand online with video content
tailored to your needs and budget!


  1. Simple
    Our process is simple and comprehensible. You'll always know what to expect and what's happening next.
  2. Fast
    As fast as you need it. We are happy to work even on the shortest turnarounds.
  3. Affordable
    We believe that it's time to make world class content available and affordable. With us, you always know what you're paying for.
  4. Creative
    Stand out from your competition, with chic, innovative and stylish content.
  5. Strategic
    Talk to our marketing strategist about what's best for your brand. We believe that it's not just about great content, but also about the right content being used at the right place at the right time.
  6. in Picture
    Videos are just one of many kinds of content. Our Juicy Packages also come with everything else you need to make your online campaign successful.
Our work
From live events, interviews to high end productions

Ways Youth Organisation - Profile video

 Market City - High Production Value Commercial 

Market City - Documentary Style Commercial 

Bico - Kickstarter Video

Moran Prizes - Event Video

Better Life - Online Commercial

Mid City - Documentary style /  Video blog

Seven Squares - Animated video

The Remarkables Group - Corporate Interview

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  2. Title 2
  3. Title 3
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  6. Title 6
Our Services
End-to-end video content - made to fit your needs.
From research and planning through production all the way to the post production. 
No matter what your need is - you're in the best hands!
  1. Research and Marketing Plan
    No matter how great the content is, the key to success of your video is the right marketing strategy. Where, when, what style makes all the difference. If you're not sure where your audience hangs out, need to prepare a social media plan or you simply don't know where to start, book a session with our marketing specialists and social media gurus. We can't recommend this enough!
  2. Development and Scriptwriting
    Get your ideas on paper and make your ideas really shine. We help you find the best voice for your business and the best feel for your brand. Talk to our experienced producers to start off your project with well thought through and prepared concept. This may as well be the most important stage of the production process and many of our clients choose to work intensively with us when they are at this stage of the process.
  3. Pre-Production
    Booking and scouting locations, sourcing actors, sorting out paper work. Let us know what you need our help with. If you have some great ideas in your head but you're not sure how to bring them to life, talk to us! We have probably done it! Leave your pre-production to us and benefit from our database of actors, locations and studios and musicians.
  4. Animated Videos
    Animated explainer videos are your best choice if you're tackling a more complex topic, you're trying to educate your viewers or trying to get across a lot of factual information. Animated videos however, can come handy anytime - it just depends on your style. They mix well with traditional footage and are perfect as animated logo openers, titles or whole sequences added to your case study videos. There are no limits to your imagination and our experienced animators can grant all your wishes!
  5. Interviews and Corporate Profile Videos
    High quality, sleek and top class corporate videos that stand out from the rest and really make you and your company shine. Interviews and corporate profiles are perfect to introduce yourself or your team members, and to add a human face to your business.
  6. Kickstarter Videos
    Leverage the power of communities that support new projects, create the vibe of the new and fresh with your project and bring your vision to life.
  1. Online Promos / Landing Page Videos
    Having a great video right on your landing page has became an absolute must. The sales process starts at the very first contact with your customers and there is no better way to introduce your services to your clients than by using great video. We can help you create a video, that will keep your customers engaged, informed and wanting more!
  2. Social Media Video
    Video has the highest engagement rate from all other media out there and your social networks will love it! Get backlog of sharable video content what will build your brand and audience and achieve results like never before. Your followers will be looking forward to hearing from you each and every time.
  3. Event Videos
    There is no better way to show the sights and sounds of a festival, the speed and excitement of a competition, or the emotion and magnanimity of a fundraiser. Video links have demonstrated a much greater click-through and share rate compared to standard email, so this can really boost your ability to drive registration. Videos can be used before, during and after the event to convey your messages, as well as improve attendance at future events.
  4. Educational or How-to videos
    The content is the king when it comes to how-to and educational videos. Also, to make this kind of video achieve their goal, it’s advisable to generate a regular stream of visitors to your website or online channel. Whether you’d like a white screen, green screen or natural setting, the video we produce together has a very high chance of being liked, shared, watched and clicked on – because it brings a lot of value and knowledge to your customers and establishes you as an expert in your field, who they will reach out to when they need your services.
  5. TV, Online and Cinema Commercials
    Higher Production value with more complex graphics, carefully selected copy and chosen visuals. These videos have extra time and value spent in production and post-production and it is well worth it. They represent your brand, communicate your brand values and personality and represent your product or your company.
  6. Post-Production (Edit or Grade)
    You already have your footage or photographs, but need some help piecing together something truly exceptional? This is what we excel in. Our editing and colour grading expertise will bring new life, style and edge to your footage.
All-In Juicy Content Packages !
Play the major marketing league even without the "big guys" budget.
Get our All-in-Juicy-Content Subscription package
that includes all multimedia content you'll ever need.
Prices starting at $500 per month.
Our Juicy Content Packages are:
  1. Sharable & Social
    Perfect for growing social community around your brand. Connect to your customers through fresh content on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Youtube and more.
  2. Fast & Reliable
    Have your content always ready. We know you, we know your brand. This ensures there are no delays and no hassle.
  3. Cost- Efficient
    Get a lot of content even on a small budget.
  4. End-to-End
    Get all your content done under one roof. This means no more mismatched posts, communication lags and delays.
  5. Personal
    You will have your personal producer and brand manager or even social media manager, who will make sure your journey is always a smooth sailing from start to finish.
  6. Perfect for Kickstarter
    Get a Kickstarter Kit - For a successful Kickstarter campaign, you will need much more than just a killer video - we are talking photos, infographics, gifs. Why not get it done all at once?
Your Monthly Juicy Pack can contain:
- animated and responsive gifs
- short facebook video ads
- high quality photographs
- well designed and planned posts
- web banners
- animated logo openers
- social media videos cut downs
- longer videos capturing what's hot in your company
- and more
Interested? Leave us your details and we'll be in touch with more info.
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Meet The Team
We make the magic happen.
  1. Barbora Lukacz
    Founder / Senior Producer
  2. Martin Grman
  3. Lorenzo Nistri
    Editor / Graphics
  4. Yael Naidoo
    Senior Videographer
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